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I am now accepting orders for pet ornaments. This is something I have never offered in the past, but I am now!

If you would like to see some past ornaments I have done recently, check out my Instagram as I am posting newly created ones each week. 

These ornaments are done on basswood (birch option coming soon), each one measures 3.5"-4" in diameter, and are a flat rate of $80 CND each. (Please note, I do require a $20 non refundable deposit to book this.) I am booking fast for this year, so contact me ASAP to book!

coming soon

I am currently working on a new Youtube speed-burn video for you to see! In the video, you will see me burn, from start to finish, a big horn sheep with a mountain scene in the background. Don't miss this one!

In the meantime, please enjoy my most recent video.

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Your support in every way means so very much to me! Whether it's giving me a follow on social media, sharing my work with others, signing up for my newsletter, purchasing something from my shop or even ordering a custom piece made just for you!

Now, there is another way you can help support me and my artwork - buy buying me a coffee!


This is an easy way to support my art at a lower cost then purchasing one of my pieces. This is done through a website called ko-fi, and it is really wonderful.

All support I received through this site (and my shop of course) is going towards bettering my small business!

My current goal is to get a better chair for the long hours of sitting, as well as another camera to better my live streams!

Thank you so much in advance if you choose to support me in this way!

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