~ I love creating surreal and fantastical designs that could never exist in our world. ~

First prompt of #burntmay is tools! I use the razertip burner and my favourite tip is one


I have been asked many many time how I burn something. A specific technique I use, or a how to burn a certain element etc..

Because of all the interest in how I burn things, I am thinking of starting some online classes/tutorials either via Patreon membership, or individual classes that you can purchase. Below is a link to a short questionnaire regarding tutorials, and any and all responses I get back are extremely helpful! Please take a moment of your time and submit one for me if you are interested in learning how to broaden your skills!


I am now posting full length time lapse videos onto

my YouTube channel showing my process from start to finish.

I will upload new vides when I can/have them so make sure to subscribe to my channel and turn the notifications on - this way you will be notified of all new videos I post!

My newest video to check out is my Landscape Galaxy Maple Leaf!



He's so fuzzy and cute you just want to squeeze him! This lovable little monster enjoys moonlit adventures with his firefly buddies!

Burned onto a beautiful basswood round with live edge bark around the entire piece!


Your support in every way means so very much to me! Whether it's giving me a follow on social media, sharing my work with others, signing up for my newsletter, purchasing something from my shop or even ordering a custom piece made just for you!

Now, there is another way you can help support me and my artwork - buy buying me a coffee! This is an easy way to support my art at a lower cost then purchasing one of my pieces. This is done through a website called ko-fi, and it is really wonderful.

All support I received through this site (and my shop of course) is going towards bettering my small business!

My current goal is to get a better chair for the long hours of sitting, as well as another camera to better my live streams!

Thank you so much in advance if you choose to support me in this way!

Latte Art


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