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Showcasing my Works

My portfolios show a range of some of my best and favourite works I have created to date. These do not include all my pieces - I hope you enjoy my creations!

What's New!

Some behind the scenes shots on my latest designs! Whether they are just in the design stage, or already being burned, you will be able to see what I'm working on!

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About Me & My Work


My Background

Growing up and loving to sketch and be creative, I always wanted to work for Disney - but that didn't happen (obviously). I mainly studied art all through high school, and then went on to get a diploma in web and graphic design that I was never able to utilize in a small town.

Now, being able to sketch, design and then burn them onto different materials, has been really fulfilling for me!


Tools & Medium

I have a professional wood burning unit made by Razertip as well as one by Colwood. I use these machines with an assortment of different pens and tips to create my work on wood or paper.

I will also sometimes add watercolour or pencil crayons to a piece for a pop of colour!


My Inspiration

Living in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, is a huge inspiration - the mountains, flora, fauna and the funga are all incorporated into my creations!

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