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I now have portfolios of my previous work here on my website for you to check out!

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Pricing Guide

I designed a new, more extensive pricing guide that is available as a pdf!



My Viking Gnomie timelapse is completed and up on my YouTube! Head over and check it out!



Check out my featured piece in my shop - and get 10% off if you snag it!


Works in

This is the place to check out my current work and the progress pictures!


New Tutorial

Want to know how to shade like I do? Then this is the tutorial for you!

What do i do?

I am a pyrography artist! What exactly is pyrography? Pyrography is the art of burning designs into different types of materials - and I do this by using a hot tool, similar to a pen, and make designs onto a number of surfaces, such as wood and paper.

I specialize in custom work such as pet portraits and wildlife art, but I also enjoy creating landscapes and fantasy designs.

I have done everything from business logos to antique cars to that special beloved pet and so much more.

If you're interested in having a custom design burned onto a beautiful wood surface, then connect with me today!



My live streams are a place to come hang out and chill with me while I burn! Some days these are custom pieces I work on, others its just for fun! If you're interested in seeing how I work, then this a great time to join in and watch or ask questions!

I just ask that you be polite and respectful while there.

Please also keep in mind, these live streams are for entertainment only - they are not tutorials and I do not teach in these streams.


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