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Big Horn Sheep Plate

Big Horn Sheep Plate


Looking for a unique gift for your dad this Father's Day? How about a burned big horn sheep plate that can be customized with text? This plate is made of a lightweight pine wood, measures 9" in diameter and features a detailed image of a majestic big horn sheep burned into the surface. You can add your own message or name to make it more personal. This plate is perfect for displaying on a wall using the black metal saw tooth hanger that is affixed to the reverse for easy hanging!

*Please Note:

If you would like to add text, please use the custom text field and input what you would like it to say. You can choose if you want top, bottom, or both customized - please make sure to use the correct field so as these don't get mixed up while burned. Leave blank if you're having nothing added.


There is no exchanges, returns or refunds on any item that has incorrect spelling or text being in the top instead of bottom and vice versa due to customer input error.

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