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Wood Burning Tutorials

I am trying to complete a new tutorial every 3 months. 

If you have enjoyed any of my tutorials or have found them helpful, please feel free to share them with others!

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Watercolor Paint

Adding Water Colour

Release Date: TBD 
Platform: YouTube & Gumroad 
Cost: TBD
Includes: TBD

This tutorial is another requested one, and I'm super excited to get working on creating it!

I will show you different ways to add water colour paints to your wood burned design. I will start off by showing some tips, tricks and techniques for painting on wood, and then move onto different ways to add it to your completed piece. I will have a full, two-part video tutorial available for purchase that will include all this plus a final project you can follow along with.

I will also have a shortened video available on my YouTube for free. I will begin working on this tutorial in January, and the release date is still to be determined. Make sure to join my tutorial newsletter for all the updates on this tutorial!


How to Shade with Your Burner

Release Date: May 23rd, 2022
Platform: YouTube: (click here) & Gumroad: (Click here)
Cost: FREE (YouTube), $12 CND (Gumroad)
Includes: Final project template with purchase of full tutorial.

This video has been highly requested!!

In the full length, two-part tutorial available on my Gumroad, I will go over: supplies, 3 different pen types and techniques for shading with each one. I will then talk about light source, shadows, highlights, mid-tones and cast shadows. Using the techniques, I will then show how to apply those to 3D objects.

In the second video, I will work on a final project - from start to finish, explaining everything learned in the first video, how to apply it here, and why I am doing it this way. A jpeg template will be available for download to follow along on this final project.


Using A Solid Tip Burner

Release Date: February 14th. 2022
Platform: YouTube (Click here)
Cost: FREE
Includes: One PDF chart (click here)

This video is for the beginner who may only have the solid tip burner, or even none at all! I work through 4 different style tips and show you how to best use them, what they're good for and what they are not. Even though I focus on using the single heat output, you're more then welcome to follow along even if you have a temperature control on yours! Make sure to download the PDF chart and transfer it to wood to work along with me!

Solid Tip
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