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Wood Burning Tutorials

Thank you for visiting my tutorials page!

Unfortunately, I am no longer creating tutorials.

I was unable to gain enough feedback from previous tutorials, or about future tutorials to further create more as they are very time consuming to make.

I do still have my two tutorials available and hope you enjoy them! Thank you to everyone that supported my tutorials in the past!


How to Shade with Your Burner

Release Date: May 23rd, 2022
Platform: YouTube: (click here) & Gumroad: (Click here)
Cost: FREE (YouTube), $12 CND (Gumroad)
Includes: Final project template with purchase of full tutorial.

This video has been highly requested!!

In the full length, two-part tutorial available on my Gumroad, I will go over: supplies, 3 different pen types and techniques for shading with each one. I will then talk about light source, shadows, highlights, mid-tones and cast shadows. Using the techniques, I will then show how to apply those to 3D objects.

In the second video, I will work on a final project - from start to finish, explaining everything learned in the first video, how to apply it here, and why I am doing it this way. A jpeg template will be available for download to follow along on this final project.


Using A Solid Tip Burner

Release Date: February 14th. 2022
Platform: YouTube (Click here)
Cost: FREE
Includes: One PDF chart (click here)

This video is for the beginner who may only have the solid tip burner, or even none at all! I work through 4 different style tips and show you how to best use them, what they're good for and what they are not. Even though I focus on using the single heat output, you're more then welcome to follow along even if you have a temperature control on yours! Make sure to download the PDF chart and transfer it to wood to work along with me!

Solid Tip
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