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Wood burning tutorials

Welcome to my tutorials page!

Here you will find a list of video tutorials I have created. They will either link you to YouTube or Gumroad for viewing or purchasing.

Some videos will be free (YouTube) while other will have a small charge (Gumroad).

All videos that include a free print out will be shown here with the corresponding video its for, any print outs with videos that are purchased come with the video on Gumbroad and can be found there!

If any of my videos have helped you out, sharing them would be a great way to help get them seen to others! Also, I love seeing any of your projects you have done with the help of my videos, so feel free to email me pictures or tag me in your stories/post on Instagram so I can see and share!


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First prompt of #burntmay is tools! I use the razertip burner and my favourite tip is one


Release Date: May 23rd, 2022 - tentative 
Platform: YouTube & Gumroad
Cost: FREE/$$
Includes:  Final project template w/ purchase of full tutorial.

This video has been highly requested!! It is coming soon, I am currently in the process of editing it! The tentative release date for it will be May 20th, 2022. I will have  a shorter version available on YouTube and the full length tutorial will be available for purchase on my Gumroad account.


Single Heat, Solid Tip Burner

Release Date: February 14th, 2022 
Platform: YouTube (click here to watch)
Cost: FREE
Includes:  One downloadable PDF - Follow along chart

This video is for the beginner who may only have the solid tip burner, or even none at all! I work through 4 different style tips and show you how to best use them, what they're good for and what they are not. Even though I focus on using the single heat output, you're more then welcome to follow along even if you have a temperature control on yours! Make sure to download the PDF chart and transfer it to wood to work along with me!